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Coes Company

A SE.R.I. Group S.p.A. Company offers to the market the most innovative and advanced solutions for the hydrothermosanitary field, in order to satisfy every needs of the civil engineers. SE.R.I. Group S.p.A operates in many industrial fields such as the automotive, with the manufacture of car batteries components, manufacture and transformation of the plastic materials, project and setting of the photovoltaic plants, Real Estate.


Coes Company products have contributed to the emergence of famous infrastructure, very modern exhibition centers and luxury hotels all over the world. The best professionals in the construction sector have relied on our professionalism.

SE.R.I. - The dynamic company

The company was founded in 1999 by the Civitillo family. Born as a business consulting and engineering company, it develops as general contractor in the technological systems sector (plants for the recovery of exhausted batteries and for lead metallurgy) and real estate. In 2001 it started the first production activity (recovery and recycling of ex-plastic materials) by purchasing the plastic waste polluted by the customers of the general contractor sector that recover the exhausted batteries.

Sustainability according to Coes Company

Projects that allow to considerably reduce the impact that its productive activity has on the environment in general.


Headquarter and Building Division Plant: 

Pioltello (MI) Italia - Via Caduti sul Lavoro 9A Tel. +39 02921361 - Fax +39 0292136227

Infrastructure Division Plant:

Gubbio (PG) Italia - Via degli Artigiani 27, Loc. Padule Tel. +39 0756210501


Products & solutions


  • Drainage system to gravity and depression
  • Supply system and heating Domestic
  • GAS system


  • Pvc pipes for civil and industrial sewer pipes
  • Pvc pipes for pressure pipes for drinking water, irrigation and industrial uses
  • Polyethylene pipes for sewer and industrial sewer pipes
  • Polyethylene pipes for pressure pipes for drinking water, irrigation, fire-fighting systems, industrial uses and fuel gases
  • PVC-U fittings for sewage and building industry
  • Modules for rain water retention systems


Seri Plast SPA

Sede Legale: Centro Aziendale Quercete snc - 81016 San Potito Sannitico (CE)

Tel + 39 0823 1442200 Fax +39 0823 1442442